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Audio Books & e-Books

Save time and money each year with e-Books and Audio Book Summaries. You can download books and summaries on to your PC, Mac, PDA, Cell Phone or portable player.   There are four top vendors that we like:

Soundview Executive Book Summaries
The Company provides an audio book summary service. You can order your personal and business book summaries as CDs, MP3 or text booklets.

Soundview Executive Book Summaries® are 5,000-word eight-page distillations of business books. A Summary covers the book's main points and highlights and gives you a working knowledge of its contents. Once you read the summary, you can decide if you want to purchase and read the entire book.

This is a great service for the office or for your personal reading. is the leading Audio Book and Subscription service available on the Internet.

Audible digitally delivers a broad range of audio programming over the internet to entertain and inform you, anywhere, anytime. Through, you can choose from over 4,500 audiobooks and 14,000 other audio programs, download your selections, and listen to them immediately, or whenever you want. 

Note: The company limits your use of each download to two PCs or Macs.

There are three different ways to purchase products from

Buy Individual Books - No Plan
You can purchase individual books and magazine services.  Retail: Ranges between $7 and $25.

Basic Listener Plan
Retail: $14.95 per month includes one audiobook and one subscription.

PremiumListener Plan
Retail: $19.95 per month includes two audiobooks.

Audio-Tech Business Books Summaries

Audio-Tech's primary business is creating Audio Book Summaries.   Fortune magazine calls them the "The Cliff's Notes of Management." 

The 24 books summarized each year are selected by their Editorial Board from nearly 3,000 new titles examined. The Audio-Tech Editorial Board is composed of Harvard Business School Graduates, Fortune 500 senior executives and internationally known management consultants. Each is an expert in one or more of the subject areas they cover.

A subscription includes two audiotapes or CD summaries each month and e-mail transcripts of the books with charts, graphs and illustrations. A typical monthly subscription costs $135.  They offer a 100% pro-rata refund at any time.

Palm  Treo 650 - use to play downloaded audio books and summaries has an excellent selection of digital audio books. Go to e-books & Documents to select a topic of interest.

If you still prefer audio cassette tapes, you should go to their selection at Audiobooks.

Click here for Amazon eBooks and Documents

Here is some e-Book background information from Amazon

An e-book, or electronic book, is a digital book that you can read on a computer screen. Some e-books can also be read on an electronic portable device such as a Palm, PocketPC or other handheld computer.

To read an e-book, you must have an e-book reader. A reader is the free software that must be installed on the computer or device to which you download your e-book in order to read it. You can purchase an e-book from at any time, but you must have a reader installed on your computer prior to downloading the e-book.

You can download Microsoft Reader or Adobe Acrobat e-Book Reader for free at Once you have placed your order, you will receive an e-mail message containing a link to follow. This link will take you to a page where you can download the e-book that you've purchased to your installed reader.

If you misplace the e-mail containing this link, don't worry — you can get to the download page by visiting the relevant order summary. To do that, click the "Your Account" link in the top right corner of any page of their site.

Overdrive Audio Books

Overdrive works with leading libraries and partners to provide OverDrive® Audio Books™

If you have a library card with any of the partner libraries, you can listen to audio books for FREE.

Llibrary patrons have 24/7 digital access. Featuring digital media technology from OverDrive, Inc.



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